Kateryna, 31, Toronto

I hired Karolina as my personal teacher during my six months stay in Kuala Lumpur. As I am a beginner she introduced me to different types of yoga so I could choose one which I liked the most and continue practicing. We did Viniasa yoga including Chakra openings, pranayama breathing, mindfulness meditation and restorative practices. Karolina tailored each class to my needs effectively relieving my back pain and gently improving my flexibility. Very attentive, friendly, helpful, and professional. Thanks to the sessions with her I have significantly improved the quality of my sleep, got my eating habits under control and feel more connected to my body than ever before.

Dat, 37, Singapore

I have always been passionate about self development, but training with Karolina moved my practice to a next level. She introduced me to the Wim Hof method and I discovered the miraculous effects that exposure to cold water has on my body and mind. The breathing exercises were unlike anything I've experienced before in my meditation practice. Our morning meetings were always like a big shot of energy flooding my body with endorphins and making me feel at my best for the rest of the day.